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I was commissioned to make six illustrations for Stylist x Baileys article and the title was 5 unexpected ways to bring more joy to your day. 
Here are my sketches for the "Hero" image. I did start with a more realistic approach to my characters but we went with the more cartoon style. 

Finished image for the hero

These are the sketches for "Go for a morning walk with a friend". I really liked the split composition since it reminds me of a comic book.

Finished image for "Go for a morning walk with a friend". 

Next up is sketches for "Host an al fresco dinner party". I love making still lives and making "dead" object come to life through composition and colors. It was a challenge drawing the glass material, but I think it came out really good :)

Finished image for "Hold an al fresco dinner party". 

These sketches are for "Go for an impromptu date night". I wanted to focus on something you love to do just for yourself. 

Finished image for "Go for an impromptu date night"

One more still life! This one is for "Do something kind for others". I mean, who wouldn't loke to have a raspberry drink?

Finished image for "Do something kind for others".

For the last image "Take a nap" I wanted to make one sketch of meditation and one of taking a nap. I wanted the meditation image to feel really calm and centered and that was why I choose to make it minimalistic in its setting and composition. 
Finished image for "Taking a nap".

You can read the article here
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