SKAP - 4 portraits

SKAP is a membership association for music creators in Sweden. They interviewed four music creators and wanted me to do a portrait of each one for their article.

These are the sketches for my portrait of Anna Ahnlund. Anna is an artist and composer. She is the singer in the band "Dina Ögon", whose music has been described as a mix between jazz, soul, pop and rock.

And here is the finished portrait.

Sketches of Jonas Kullhammar who is a jazz musician and saxophonist who also runs a record label and music school.

I often get the question of what tools I'm using. So I wanted to show you a short clip where I'm working on Jonas beard. I use a Cintiq pro 24" and I work in Photoshop. I mostly use the brushes of True grit texture supply. 

And here is the finished one. Really enjoyed this one since I used to play the saxophone myself. 

These are my sketched of the producer and songwriter Fanny Hultman. 

And the finished portrait.

The sketches of the Swedish rapper Henok Achido.

Here is the finished portrait of him. 

I hope you liked the portraits and if you want to see more of my work you can follow me on instagram @annapersbracke or visit my website .
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