- a kids and family festival 
During the summer 2023 I was part of arranging a free cultural festival for the whole family. It was a day full of different activities such as skateboard, circus, fire show, street basket, family yoga and live music. I made the poster for this event and I wanted to show you the process behind it.

For the initial sketches played around with creatures and a fantasy environment. The theme was kids and youth with a touch of Alice in Wonderland. 

The next sketch was more towards the skate culture, but we decided it wasn't the right way to go for this event. 

Insead I focused on the whole family and the touch of magic and Alice in Wonderland. In the middle I had printed out several A4 to tile into a A2, just so I could get a feeling of the size of the poster and the text (big thanks to my fiancé who always supports me with references, holding things and cheering me up). 

Here's where the poster really is starting to come together. To the right I printed it out in a smaller format just to keep track och the readability. At this time the activities wasn't ready and I wasn't sure about the text of the activities. I thought it looked a bit stiff, boring and dead.

I changed the font and dynamic of the activity text and it came together with the poster as a whole. Here you can see it on a bulletin board in the city. I think it really stood out with its bright colors and playful composition. 

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